In The Beginning

Dead sea picWhen you enter a new phase in your life it is often referred to as “A New Beginning”. So with this new beginning in my life I needed a platform to share my passions and everything that I love and hold near and dear to my heart.  Those passions come in the form of fashion, friendship, fitness, food, the love of family and travel. So that is how this labor of love, which I now call: Breakfast with Tiffany, by yours truly, came to be.

I am hungry…..for new experiences. To see beyond myself.  To see what makes people tick, what excites them, what passions are brewing in their minds and how those passions are being translated into things that we put value on.

One thing I know about myself and that is I have a curious spirit and I find that with that curiosity when I approach others; they are open and love to share and this is what makes ME tick. I definitely feed off of others energy and plan to use that to find interesting and great stories to share with you.

Stories….. stories are what I like to tell and what I like to hear. Everyone has a story to tell and I listen, take them in and find the beauty in all of it. Because if we are not sharing not just our story but tips, how-to’s and other great things that have been passed on through generations of how to get through life……then what does it all mean.

So I encourage you to check back here pretty often and come on this journey with me.

Have a wonderful day and great week!


I’ll leave you with this:

Picture location: Top of Massada Mountain, Israel overlooking the Dead Sea

5 thoughts on “In The Beginning

  1. Jessica Jensen says:

    I am so proud of you Tiff and so excited for this next journey! I loved this first post and cannot read the many more to come!


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