That Time in Paris

Bridge looking at tower

bike in Paris


As you can imagine the excitement that consumed me yesterday in regards to the Launch of my site was overwhelming sweet, that I almost could not sleep last night. A moment captured in time that I will never forget and has been safely stored in my memory bank.

It almost felt like the moment in the pictures above when I danced off to Paris last August. I found myself riding around on a bike with a basket in front and all that was missing was a baguette, as I made my way around the city. Laughing and smiling to myself and thinking how lucky am I. Since this was my third time in Paris I was no stranger to renting a bike and making that my go-to for transportation.

I parked my bike and started walking along the Seine river, which is truly an ideal place to walk and made my way over to the Pont de l’Archeveche` Bridge; also known as the The Love Lock Bridge and snapped another memory. I am happy to have seen this beautiful work of art with my own eyes that has been adorned with locks of love and keys thrown in the Seine never to be found, I’m told the city will eventually take it down. As the weight of all the love that has been kept there is too heavy for the bridge to maintain.

paris locks

Pont de l’Archeveche` Bridge, The Lock Lock Bridge

paris scarf

Once that picture was snapped, I threw on my Kate Spade Scarf  and raced over to Laduree` for what I think is a true treasure in Paris…..Laduree` is the home to the little gems that make every girl swoon and bust out their iPhones to capture the infamous Macarons. Delicious, dainty cakes that almost melt in your mouth, like something of cotton candy. After my dessert I decided to have lunch, shouldn’t all sweets come before the meal? Well in Paris I think it’s appropriate. I had the most beautiful sandwich and salad,  click here to see the store front and menu and save it for your next visit there.  The inside of Laduree` is truly a work of art in itself. The wallpaper tells you a story as you sit and sip on your Cafe’ au Lait and gives you time to think of where to go next or have another Macaron 🙂


Inside Laduree`


This Yellow Dress was a true diamond in the rough that I purchased before heading off to Paris and I knew it was special enough for a city that is so special to so many. That magical city definitely has my heart locked away on that bridge of love.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back soon to see where we dance off to next.



2 thoughts on “That Time in Paris

  1. Rebekah says:

    Your dress is adorable, and this post also makes me miss Paris, too. I was just there earlier this spring, and it was incredible. I’d give anything to go back!


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