As The Sun Sets

kids on the beach

black dress tel aviv

On any normal day as the sun starts to set I often find myself starting to drift off to a memory that has played over in my mind one too many times. The memory is usually sparked by the heat of the summer, and as I leave work and look over to the sun and see it starting to set and cast a beautiful array of colors, as if God himself is painting the sky. It takes me back to last summer when I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. And did so for the next nine days to follow that night. I watched the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea in the Middle East, on the beach of Tel Aviv. I only ever read or heard of Israel as a little girl sitting in church reading the bible and now as an adult here I was vacationing on the beach in Tel Aviv. Watching the sunset there is almost like a spiritual experience in itself. Believe it or not but Religion is not really felt here in this place, more so in a couple of towns over in Jerusalem but not here on this beautiful beach.

israel blue shirt

I remember fresh fruit stands of mint and pomegranate await you around every corner helping you to cool down from the heat that is bestowed on this waterfront town. The waves of the ocean barely making a sound as the heat is almost to much for the Sea itself to bare. The ocean is so blue as blue as the eyes of my niece Kenzie whose laughter I can hear in my mind that is echoed by the other children laughing, playing in sand, you can hear “mommy please help me build a sand castle”, college students playing racket ball, everyone on the beach is completely in the moment. And then the day is starting to end and drinks start flow and those moments that are made that day are relived at dinner. Aren’t those the moments that we crave that we like to relive?

I swear the sun looks different there but maybe that’s because this place which harbors so many feelings of spiritually  does have a sun that sets a little differently than ours, dare I say almost magical.

sunset tel aviv

black dress

The black dress worn above and in the sunset photo is made by a brand I return to on a regular basis for their constant ability to make clothes for women that are feminine, smart, and just the right amount of sexiness.

“Everyday there is a Sunrise and a Sunset and you can choose to be there for them or not”: Cheryl Strayed, the movie The Wild 

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