Polo in Virginia

VA Polo 2016

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I must admit it took a while for me to kind of fall in Love with this city. Slowly but surely after meeting wonderful people who I now call dear friends of mine make it much easier to to live here and I can see why Thomas Jefferson once called this place home. The words that now come to mind when I describe this area are charming, sophisticated and absolutely beautiful. I think the first photo above shows you a glimmer of how stunning this place is. Lush in greenery everywhere you turn. The Blue Ridge Mountains that make for the perfect backdrop to play Polo. Polo matches take place here at King Family Vineyards every Sunday and are open to the public. Click here to visit their site. King Family Vineyards has one of the most beautiful grounds not only home to the Polo matches but an outstanding winery. You must visit if you get the chance to make it to Charlottesville.

So let’s go back to a couple weeks ago when my one of girlfriends extended an invitation to me to join her and her friends for a day of Polo. The best part of that day was that I knew exactly what I wanted to wear! Girls, I know you know that feeling, and it’s the best! The moment you take the work out of guessing what to wear and you can focus on all the other important stuff, like what bottle of Rose’ do I want to drink all day watching a Polo match! Ha 😉

Show Me Your Mumu clothing company is anything but a mumu! It’s very hard not to fall in love with everything. The women who own and created the brand are smart, funny, creative women who make me swoon for their clothes everytime and you will too.

va polo 3va polo 4

The Girls! Brandy, Me, Kat

va polo 6

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