Roman Holiday

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I know it’s summer time right now and your far from letting go of the extended sun that still meets your face when you leave work in the evening but I wanted to do a post on things to pick up for fall. It is after all the final days of the BEST sale of the year at Nordstrom! The sweater dress I provided in the link is under $50! I love the idea of stocking up now and paying less. You could easily wear this to work or date night and I see it being worn with knee high boots and a cute Faux Fur Vest. I also provided links to some other favorites of mine that are on SALE.

I wore sweater dresses the entire time I spent Christmas in Rome almost 6 years ago. They were so easy to throw on with cute boots and made touring the city a breeze.

Can we talk about the Colosseum for a moment. GLADIATOR anyone? I met my Best Friend now of 6 years here. As we were standing in line to go on a tour of the Colosseum we started talking. We spent the next 6 days together including Christmas and her Birthday.


tiffany and sarah Sarah and her husband had just moved to Italy from the Carolina’s and so we both experienced this city with wonder and amazement together. We took a walking tour directed by Rick Stevens and went to all the hot spots . It’s truly a bond I can share only with her and my best friend who helped make the trip pretty spectacular with me. As fate would have it we now live in the SAME state here in the USA! In Good old Virginia. Funny how God knows exactly who you need the most when LIFE happens to you.

4 of us on bike in italy

italy looking at coffee

stairs in Italy

inisde st peters

Inside St. Peter’s
top of st peters

Standing on the top of St. Peters overlooking Rome!

Italy center

Look at this pitcher of WINE and the pasta, to die for!

I’m a city Girl , I love my cities but what I love most about the Italians is their LOVE for their families and friends. I know I love mine!

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