My Little Angel

I’m taking you back to the beginning of the Summer when I flew home to Florida to see my niece graduate preschool. Tear…….I can’t believe my darling niece is 5 years old and out of preschool and literally next Monday starts Kindergarten. She turns 6 in October! She is so excited to start school, she loves it. I’m so happy that she enjoys it so much.

That weekend we celebrated by heading over to this Resort in Florida to start our weekend of playing in their amazing water park and spacious hotel rooms. My entire family spent the weekend here together and we had a blast. When you have little people your days start early and so we headed off to breakfast to get the day started and spent the rest of the day running up and down the slides and playing in the water. Later on grabbing ice cream to cool off from the sun and take a rest from the nonstop action that this resort provides for the little ones. My niece, her 2 year old brother and my nephews loved it.

I linked a couple bathing suits below because I had so many questions on where I got my One Piece swimsuit. It’s made by Trina Turk . Unfortunately, it has already sold out but click on the link  Here and you will find a swim suit I’m sure you’ll love. I love One Piece bathing suits especially when you are around kids and running around a waterpark. You don’t have to worry about anything. Plus I think they just look great on everyone. The quality of this swimsuit is unreal and yes, it may cost a bit more than usual but they last forever! Just make sure you rinse out your bathing suit when you get home and hang dry them.

It’s good to buy them now since there are so many sales with summer almost coming to a close. So stock up!

This Bathing Suit / Red Hot Suit

liki tikiKenzie in the Pool at Liki Tiki

tiff and kenzie bathing suits

Kenzie and her Aunt Tiff

sleeping angelShe was so tired after spending the day at Liki Tiki with her Brother and cousins for sure my little angel.

kenzie loster purse

                           She told her mother, “Aunt Tiff would love my hat, we match”.                                  A girl after my own heart!

kenzie and me preschool graduation

kenzie & kate spade

Her First Kate Spade Purse! Just as tiny and cute as she is!

kenzie and her sign

big bow back

Thanks for stopping by I hope you are having a wonderful week!




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