Shirt Dress


 Outfit Details

Ann Taylor Shirt Dress, (Dress on Sale) Kate Spade Bag (Bag on Sale), Shoes , Dupe Shoe

My favorite season is around the corner….FALL. Are you ready for your pumpkin spice lattes yet?


I can’t wait to grab one and then head to an orchard to go apple picking, or find a pumpkin patch. My niece was also born in October so that makes it extra special. I can’t wait!

I love this dress so much! The eyelet overlay on solid material with a peep show low skirt. This is my Leave it to Beaver dress. I love that classic, feminine look. A style that looks great on every body type. This color is so fun too, fiesta orange, perfect transitional color from summer to fall. I’ve had this belt for years that I piked up from express, it goes with everything especially in the fall months.

If your in Charlottesville you must go to the C&O Restaurant , the best restaurant in town. Their smart, sophisticated menu always reflects the seasons and is to die for. The atmosphere is warm, romantic and cozy with the bar being  downstairs has a cool rustic vibe with it’s dark woods, exposed brick and amazing drinks.

Happy Wednesday!

Thank you so much for stopping by!



3 thoughts on “Shirt Dress

  1. Jacqueline R. says:

    I love reading your blog Tiffany. It’s always uplifting plus I walk away learning a little something. Whether it be about Charlottesville or a color named fiesta orange, who knew? Lol! Bottom line, your blog always brings out a smile.

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