September = Fashion


Click Here for NYFW

September brings new beginnings and it also brings you the best thing in the Fashion World and it’s known as

New York City Fashion Week Baby!

September 8 – 14th

NYC is all hustle and bustle and even more so this week with the much anticipated event of the Year! The link above brings you up to date with all the latest news on who is walking in the shows! Hi Gigi, Hi Kendal! Also a ton of Trend forecasting!

On a creative deep note it must be something profound to know that as a designer you are about to create something for someone to wear that will make that person feel something. Because that is what clothes do. They make you feel beautiful, sexy, elegant, sporty, whatever feeling you are putting on at that moment absolutely makes you feel something. That has to be an amazing thing to know as a designer that what you create will transcend in some many different interruptions of the person wearing it.

Ok! Back to the fun! I’m excited to see what Marissa Webb and Kate Spade have in store for us. Their collections are always beautiful and bright and have me daydreaming about vacationing in Saint Tropez.

Fall Trends are coming next week!

Enjoy all the shows and have a fabulous Thursday!



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