Fall Romance

Outfit Details:

Romper: BCBG Generation last season Similar BCBG Romper Here On SALE , Vest: BCBG Vest Here , Boots: Boots Here , Sunnies: Sunglasses

Fall…what is it about Fall that has us falling in love with Fall? Leaves changing color ever so swiftly before our eyes and falling into a golden carpet below you. I personally think fall has a sort of romance about it. Like the crisp air in the morning that greets you to say hello and walks with you to your car and into work. And then meets you again for coffee as you reach for your pumpkin spice latte and again in your home when you light your candles that fill the room with a pumpkin spice flavored scent. Fall sort of courts you into winter, it has you chasing something that is fleeting. It’s the chase we love, knowing that you only get to experience it for a few short months, that getty feeling we all lust after. So yes, a little fall romance does everyone a little good.

You can’t go wrong with this BCBG romper, i picked this up last season and I can’t seem to part ways with it. Dressed up with a pair of over the knee boots like here or with a pair of flats when you go do do your grocery shopping or pick up a few pumpkins for your front porch, it has versatility. It’s light and airy which i love for this time of year. You never know what the weather decides it wants to do. This faux fur vest is my fave, always brings a little warmth and a little glamour that I love.

I hope you find a golden carpet of leaves to throw in the air or roll around in and enjoy a nice picnic outside.

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