Ski Town Heaven, Aspen

I have grown to have a deep affection for ski vacations. You get to do a sport that gives you a workout with some incredible views, it challenges you mentally and physically and then you get to call it a day by drinking hot chocolate with a touch of naughtiness (peppermint schnapps is my choice)  and resting your muscles in a hot tub after all your hard work. Yes, this is what has attracted me to skiing.

I grew up in Florida skiing on water not skiing down a mountain for heaven sakes. But I was determined to figure it out and year after year I saw improvement and the desire to up my skills. After a decade now of skiing in some pretty awesome locations, (vail, park city, utah, heavenly in tahoe) to name a few I feel like I now have a good knowledge base of what constitutes a good ski vacation.

And then there is Aspen, Colorado. I was always curious about the hype that surrounded this beautiful ski town. A town the stars of Hollywood like to frequent and I now know why. The runs are well groomed, the ski town itself is lined beautifully with shops like Gucci and Tiffany’s and some of the best food around.

Here is a look back at some of the stops I made while visiting.

The Westin Snowmass Resort - Terrace

The Westin Snowmass Resort - Lobby

The Westin Snowmass Resort - Pool

Meat & Cheese Restaurant in Aspen

J Bar Hotel Jerome

Fun Fact about J Bar; Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson frequent here when they are in town.




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