January Favorites for Beauty

Hi Ladies, How are you? How was your weekend?

Mine was a blur…..literally. Had too much fun with my girlfriend Emily. Dancing, Brunching, hitting up our gym hot tub. Tough life right? Ha.

Speaking of friends, my girlfriends and I have been talking a lot about makeup and so naturally I wanted to share all of my makeup favorites right now with you. Half of my ideas are from talking to my girlfriends, it helps me know what women want to talk about, see and read, they are my very own inspiration. Below are links to all of my January favorites.


Eye Shadow Palette Here

I think I am such a sucker for cute packaging and this tartelette in bloom palette does not disappoint. So cute right? It’s more Golds, Browns and soft pinks, Light eyes or Dark Eyes this palette works for every girl. The eyeshadows themselves are so soft and pigmented, I use a paint pot primer from MAC before I apply eye shadow and this will help it last all day.

MAC Bronzer: Give Me SUN

On my last visit to NYC the girls at the MAC store on 5th Ave suggested this bronzer and now I’m obsessed. The perfect golden tone. I will be using this for a long time. It goes on so smooth and lasts!!!!

Best Cat Eye – Eyeliner

What it is:
A dual-ended eyeliner with waterproof liquid and pencil eyeliners

What it does:
“Define eyes like a pro with this triple-black, 12-hour eyeliner. It features two versatile formulas for a flawless, sculpted stare. Tightly line and contour eyes with the velvety smooth, twist-up pencil liner, powered by Amazonian clay to glide on like silk but wear like iron™. It perfectly traces along the lash line and inner rim, filling in spaces and enhancing the appearance of lash volume instantly. The long-wearing liquid liner on the opposite end has a precision tarteist tip and hydrating, quick-dry formula that paints on pigment and creates a crisp or dramatic wing. The double-ended formulas can be paired together for a sleek, sexy, smoky eye look that lasts.”

Under Eye Brightener

I kept reading from a ton of fashion and beauty bloggers about the miracle concealer / brightener formula. I bought it, LOVE IT. Will never use anything else. Once you apply it those dark circles and purple veins disappear. It brightens everything and makes your eye look soooo smooth.

MAC Foundation

The weather here in Virginia made me have to rethink my foundation. I usually wear DoubleWear by Estee Lauder and I will once the summer comes but my skin need hydration. This foundation is gel based so it doesn’t sink into your skin and leave you dry it does the opposite. It has a satin like finish and leaves you feeling hydrated.

Primer Mascara , Mascara

I put on two coats of primer and then use the Better Than Sex by Too Faced Mascara and your lashes will love you. Just do it. I promise you won’t regret it. I learned this trick from my favorite beauty blogger.

BEST Highlighter

Allure Magazine and Vogue both said this was the best face highlighter in makeup right now and they weren’t lying. It’s so pigmented, light, velvety like texture that makes you shine like fairies sprinkled pixie dust on you, but in a sexy way, ha.

Urban Decay Setting Spray

Once you have applied all your beautiful makeup use this spray to set it in place. Think Hairspray but hydrating and helps your makeup stay in place. I love it.

Rosehip Oil

You can apply this Anti-Aging oil every night before bed. I am fine with getting older, I quite like it actually. But I don’t want my body or skin to show it. This oil I use every night to help combat wrinkles, fine lines, smoothing out your skin tone. It does wonders. Also, use a dab of it under your makeup on your forehead and cheeks to get a dewy, hydrated look under makeup (not a lot, just a dab, goes a long way)

Don’t forget that the best way to look your best is how you feel on the inside. Be KIND to yourself. Talk to yourself like you would your friends. Change that narrative in your head to be positive. Your allowed to tell yourself I love the way this looks and makes me feel. Don’t forget that. Lead with love and the world will be a much better place and you’ll have a kick ass Cat Eye while doing it too.

Thanks for stopping by.



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