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Starbucks”basic white girl” stop

 Junk Boats, their so beautiful


Hong Kong….I remember when I was younger and my mother would tease me and say, “where do you think your going Hong Kong?” Well 30 years later I made the journey here and it was an experience I won’t forget.

 I boarded my United Airlines flight to make the 15 hour journey from Washington D.C. to Hong Kong. The first leg of my Southeast Asian Tour. (More to come  on the rest of the trip that included, Hanoi & Ha Long Bay in Vietnam). Its been almost 2 years since I’ve been here but every memory made in this beautiful place is easy to pluck from my memory bank.

One thing I noticed when I landed was how clean the airport was, I did not expect that at all. I purchased a metro pass and hopped on the train and headed into the city where vertical escalators awaited and where people took the motto, ” work hard play hard” to another level.  LKF “Lan Kwai Fong” is known for dining, drinking, and clubbing. I spent my first night in this area of Central.

When making dinner reservations I highly recommend Mama San . It was amazing, I had dinner here on my first night. You can sit at a table that overlooks the streets of HK, sip on a cocktail and let your eyes wonder over the menus that include Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Malay, Singaporean, Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese.  This restaurant had a vibe, mysterious, dark, candlelight everywhere, really the only way to have dinner. I loved it.

As the Chef says “the interior is a feast for the eyes, while the food is a feast for the soul”.

That could not be more true.

 I spent two days wondering the streets in HK before heading off to Vietnam. Hong Kong is beautiful, a city skyline that overlooks the harbor and will take your breath away. It felt a lot like New York City to me. Busy, people everywhere, restaurants galore. The big Buddha you see above is so magnificent, sadly there wasn’t enough time to visit but if you go it’s a must.

More to come on Asia.

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Brooklyn somehow has grown on me recently. I was a ride or die Manhattan girl (still am) but I have grown a new appreciation for this borough. Maybe because some of the best views of the City itself are seen from this side of the Hudson or the new places to have Brunch are almost as cute as my all time favorite Sara Beth’s. That Brooklyn Bridge though…. I have so many memories that I treasure that have happened on that Bridge. Running, walking, riding over that bridge in a cab with my mom a few different times at night before wondering through the city. The Bridges in New York are so grand. I literally get excited as I am crossing over them into city that never sleeps. They are just breathtaking. I’m constantly preserving things like this in my memory bank to revisit my beloved city when I am not there.


Kate Spade Bag Here

Brunch in Brooklyn




Preserve…….that’s exactly what I did as I said goodnight to this City that stole my heart the day I visited here when I was 13 years old.

Eventually that dream of my 13 year old self came true at 25 years old and I eventually Lived here, Loved here, Worked here, and Found myself here.

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” Carrie Bradshaw



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Fall Wedding in Brooklyn



Mr. and Mrs. Evan and Cheryl McGoff

A Love that will go far beyond this lifetime. #truelove


Bride wore a Dress by: Nicole Miller



Outfit Details:

Dress Exact Dress HereSimilar Here , LOVE this one , Jessica Simpson Nude Pumps , Earrings , Bracelet

 Just married in…BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. It was the kind of wedding that made you believe in Love. Two people that knew for certain that this was their person. Twinkling lights sparkled over the guests as they toasted with champagne to the New Mr. and Mrs. McGoff. My dear friends are very much in Love and finally made it official. With their touches of a new age Wedding and somehow tradition sneaking in now and again as it does. It went off beautifully. Food was delicious, the drinks were flowing and the music seemed as if it would never stop with a good time.

The dress I wore was one of my favorite dresses. Again, you know what label I’m going to say….KEEPSAKE. Yup, keepsake again. The material of this dress feels rich, with it’s satin, polyester texture and it’s Fit and Flare silhouette, and pockets. Gotta love pockets. The scallop trim on top with it’s peek-a-boo opening in the middle was what drew my attention to this dress. Can we talk about this color scheme. Pale, blush pink with hints of all my favorite colors of Fall, hunter green, maroon. I just love it.

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Ann Taylor Loft Dress , Kate Spade Bag , Kendra Scott Necklace , Steve Madden Sandals

I recently spent the weekend in Georgetown, if you follow me on snapchat @tiffanymcgoff, then you know how much fun I was having in this beautiful place. It’s so easy for me to get here from Charlottesville with it being only a 2 hour drive.  The streets are lined with an array of pastel colored shops and brick and my favorite coffee house  Dean & Deluca. If you were a fan of the show Felicity then you know why it became a special place to me and so many.  My heart always skips a beat when I’m walking over this bridge. It connects Arlington and Georgetown over the Potomac River and when you see the University to your left, a little reminiscent of Harry Potter, No? It ‘s just breathtaking. Once we crossed the bridge and the sidewalks turn to cobblestone, lined with tourists,  hunger started to set in so we decided to have lunch at one of my must have places.

 georgetown 2

My friend and I headed over to Luke’s Lobster for a lunch that will make your mouth water and have you on the next flight to DC! I first found out about Luke’s when I lived in NYC. I used to pick it up and carry it over to central park to eat. But today we would have it in this cute little store in Georgetown. We ordered the Noah’s Ark menu special, Lobster, Shrimp and Crab Rolls with 2 lobster claws and washed it down with an Iced Cold Beer. Are you hungry yet? What a great way to spend a Saturday during the Summer! After that we needed a little caffeine and Dean & Deluca’s was the next stop.

Luke_s-Lobster georgetown


img_0255 Dean Deluca

img_0262 I wore this Blue Maxi Dress made of cotton, it’s so lightweight and easy to throw on for exploring this beautiful town. I picked it up at Ann Taylor Loft and it’s currently on sale!

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That Time in Paris

Bridge looking at tower

bike in Paris


As you can imagine the excitement that consumed me yesterday in regards to the Launch of my site was overwhelming sweet, that I almost could not sleep last night. A moment captured in time that I will never forget and has been safely stored in my memory bank.

It almost felt like the moment in the pictures above when I danced off to Paris last August. I found myself riding around on a bike with a basket in front and all that was missing was a baguette, as I made my way around the city. Laughing and smiling to myself and thinking how lucky am I. Since this was my third time in Paris I was no stranger to renting a bike and making that my go-to for transportation.

I parked my bike and started walking along the Seine river, which is truly an ideal place to walk and made my way over to the Pont de l’Archeveche` Bridge; also known as the The Love Lock Bridge and snapped another memory. I am happy to have seen this beautiful work of art with my own eyes that has been adorned with locks of love and keys thrown in the Seine never to be found, I’m told the city will eventually take it down. As the weight of all the love that has been kept there is too heavy for the bridge to maintain.

paris locks

Pont de l’Archeveche` Bridge, The Lock Lock Bridge

paris scarf

Once that picture was snapped, I threw on my Kate Spade Scarf  and raced over to Laduree` for what I think is a true treasure in Paris…..Laduree` is the home to the little gems that make every girl swoon and bust out their iPhones to capture the infamous Macarons. Delicious, dainty cakes that almost melt in your mouth, like something of cotton candy. After my dessert I decided to have lunch, shouldn’t all sweets come before the meal? Well in Paris I think it’s appropriate. I had the most beautiful sandwich and salad,  click here to see the store front and menu and save it for your next visit there.  The inside of Laduree` is truly a work of art in itself. The wallpaper tells you a story as you sit and sip on your Cafe’ au Lait and gives you time to think of where to go next or have another Macaron 🙂


Inside Laduree`


This Yellow Dress was a true diamond in the rough that I purchased before heading off to Paris and I knew it was special enough for a city that is so special to so many. That magical city definitely has my heart locked away on that bridge of love.

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In The Beginning

Dead sea picWhen you enter a new phase in your life it is often referred to as “A New Beginning”. So with this new beginning in my life I needed a platform to share my passions and everything that I love and hold near and dear to my heart.  Those passions come in the form of fashion, friendship, fitness, food, the love of family and travel. So that is how this labor of love, which I now call: Breakfast with Tiffany, by yours truly, came to be.

I am hungry…..for new experiences. To see beyond myself.  To see what makes people tick, what excites them, what passions are brewing in their minds and how those passions are being translated into things that we put value on.

One thing I know about myself and that is I have a curious spirit and I find that with that curiosity when I approach others; they are open and love to share and this is what makes ME tick. I definitely feed off of others energy and plan to use that to find interesting and great stories to share with you.

Stories….. stories are what I like to tell and what I like to hear. Everyone has a story to tell and I listen, take them in and find the beauty in all of it. Because if we are not sharing not just our story but tips, how-to’s and other great things that have been passed on through generations of how to get through life……then what does it all mean.

So I encourage you to check back here pretty often and come on this journey with me.

Have a wonderful day and great week!


I’ll leave you with this:

Picture location: Top of Massada Mountain, Israel overlooking the Dead Sea